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JelqToGain ADS/Foreskin Restoration

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Brand: JelqToGain

JelqToGain All Day Stretcher

The idea of an ADS is to keep the penis stretched out after an exercise routine has been completed. If an ADS is not used, the penis will “turtle” and heal back to how it started. Keeping the penis in an elongated state forces the cells to heal bigger, maximizing gains.

This device can be worn anywhere and for long duration. The ADS is by far the most comfortable product on the market meaning you are more likely to use it daily rather than it just ending up in a drawer. The longer you wear, the more gains you will achieve!

The Inner and outer cones are made out of SkinSafe Platinum Silicone Rubber. This makes the ADS perfectly safe when in contact with the skin.

Applying the JelqToGain ADS can easily be achieved in under 1 minute.

See for a demonstration on how to apply.


1. For the uncircumcised penis but can also be used for foreskin restoration.
2. Easy to Apply with proven results.
3. Made from durable SkinSafe platinum silicone rubber.
4. Wear up to 8 hours at a time.

Package contents:

1 x Leg strap and carabiner clip
1 x Inner cone
1 x Outer cone
1 x 3M micro-pore surgical tape


Tracked and signed (Tracking number sent when shipped).
Discrete white packaging with a return address only (No company name).
30 Day money back guarantee available if returned.

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