Penis Exercise Videos

On this page you will find all of the exercises that I used in 2018 to form my routine. These exercises include the Following. Click on the links below;

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Warm Up

There are several different ways to warm up with the quickest and easiest methods being a hot shower, USB heat mat and a rice sock.

This is the most important part of any routine and is key to success. I warm up for 10 – 15 minutes before I perform any stretching, Jelqing or hanging exercises. Failure to do this is likely to result in injury.

How To Kegel

Kegel exercises are a great way to improve the overall health and hardness of the penis. I also use them as a means of counting when performing exercises such as Jelqing and Stretching.

Although Kegels don’t directly enlarge the penis, performing this exercise daily will increase the strength of the PC muscle which will lead to harder erections.

Basic Stretches

Stretching prepares the ligaments, Tunica and Corpus Cavernosum for Jelqing. Think of it as stretching your muscles before lifting weights. It’s a must if you want to get the most out of your muscles and avoid injury.

Stretching alone can also increase the the length of you penis however, combine with Jelqing for best results.


A V-Stretch is basically a straight out Basic Stretch with the application of downward pressure mid-shaft.

This is an additional force to an already tensioned penis, so it is important to take it easy!

This exercise targets the suspensory ligament and is great for adding length.


This is pretty much the opposite of the V-stretch.

This is an advanced exercise and extreme caution should be taken when first learning how to perform.

Due to using the wrist as a pivot point, an enormous amount of tension can be placed on the shaft.
Learn your limits first to avoid injury!

Bundled Stretches

A basic stretch with a twist!
Bundled Stretches are a great way to help maximise both length and girth gains by deforming and increasing the tissue mass of the Tunica.

This is an advanced technique and should only be performed when your penis is conditioned (+3 months).

Watch the video to see how I perform the Bundled Stretch.

One Handed Jelq

The One Handed Jelq (Basic Jelq) is by far the most important and rewarding jelqing exercise to do.

The varying routines that I used in 2018 all used this as a main exercise. 

40%-70% EQ for length gains.
80% + For Girth.
Always focus on Length first.

Side Jelq

With an EQ of around 50% the Side Jelq does an awesome job of deforming the Tunica and gives an additional stretch to the ligaments when the OK grip reaches the Glans.

Instead of going straight out to one side, I pull straight out by an inch, twist my wrist and then pull to the side using the thumb as a pivot.


The V-Jelq targets the Corpus Cavernosum and primarily is for Girth gains. I did this exercise for the first six months but stopped to focus on length. I will definitely resume once happy with my Length (7.5″NBPEL). 

There is a lot of confusion as to how this exercise is performed, check my video out to remove any ambiguity.

Reverse Jelq

The Reverse Jelq is a fantastic exercise for targeting the base of the penis. The base of my penis has always had slightly less girth then the middle. I noticed this difference increasing and decided to incorporate this exercise.

It’s important to take care when performing because blood is essentially being forced out of the penis. Gentle, slow strokes will ensure maximum benefit.

JelqToGain ADS

After six months of following a strict routine and noticing gains starting to drop off I decided to invest in an All Day Stretcher. This was a significant supplement for cementing gains.

The JelqToGain ADS has done a great job for me and I don’t go anywhere without it.
It is exceptionally comfortable due to being made out of skinsafe platinum silicone rubber.

Applying Hanger

Hanging is to natural penis enlargement what steroids are to bodybuilding. The penis needs to be well conditioned before attempting hanging. I began nine months into my routine and would suggest a minimum of six.

The JelqToGain hanger is a suction type hanger designed to hang no more than 10lbs with its unique medical grade, stainless steel inner cone. 

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