September to Christmas Challenge!

The run up to Christmas is here and this is the perfect time to invest time & effort into PE.

I will be concentrating on my diet and a solid routine that will incorporate the Sunday to Thursday Jelqercise class.

My Jelqercise Class...

My Diet...

Diet is extremely important when it comes to PE and to be honest it’s something that I have not been too good at this year, especially since covid and the gyms closing. Below is my diet plan that I intend to stick to as much as possible over the coming months 5x high protien and carb meals inclusive….

3 litres of water per day

Cod Liver Oil


Vitamin B12


Magnesium and calcium

Green Tea 


My Routine...

Something that I payed close attention to in my first year of PE was heat. I used to keep my penis warm/hot all of the time with a USB heat mat and a portable battery pack. I’m reintroducing this into my routine on the run up to Christmas. See below for details…

5.00AM – Apply heat mat for 30 minutes

5:30AM – Pump/Hang 30 minutes

6:00AM – Apply ADS for 4 – 8 hours with heat mat wrapped around it

8:30PM – Apply heat mat for 30 minutes

9:00PM – Pump 30 minutes

9:30PM – Jelqercise class following routine of the month

10:00PM – Apply ADS for 2 hours