The All New Jelq To Gain Hanger

Quality, Comfort, Safety.... Gains!

The new hanger on the market is designed by a PE’er for the PE’er
It took over two years to perfect and is now available to purchase from
It is important to understand that hanging should start at a low weight and only increase as the penis becomes conditioned.

Quality – This device is made from the best materials on the market The vacuum chamber is machine out of 316L stainless steel and weighs in approximately 1lb

Comfort – The platinum silcone protection sleeve takes care of your glans and your shaft! Throw in the vacuum cap and sponge and it really doesn’t get any better. Once vacuumed to -10inHg, your glans will expand aginst the walls and compress against the sponge.

Safety – All materials are skinsafe from the best stainless steel to the best platinum silcone rubber money can buy. The pioneering/intuitive design prevents

Gains – I personally achieved gains by wearing the hanger for up to one hour at 8lbs (conditioned weight) instantly followed by the application of the JelqToGain all day stretcher for a minimum of 4 hours. The key to length gains is to hit fatigue with the hanger and instantly apply an ADS before the penis has chance to turtle!